ArcGIS Instant Apps Widgets

04-20-2022 11:37 AM
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I am just starting to use the Instant Apps.  I really do like that you can throw together something quick when needed but is there not an option to add widgets to Instant Apps like there is in Web App Builder?

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@hherrmann_coj  The instant apps aren't designed to be a general purpose app builder like Web App Builder or Experience Builder. When the apps are designed and built we define a list of components that we feel make the most sense for that app. Those are the components that are available during the app configuration. 


That said we do listen to feedback and have added widgets to apps based on requests. So if there is a widget you feel would be useful to have in a particular app feel free to ask here or via the Ideas site. 

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Thank you Kelly, for your feedback.  It makes sense since they are supposed to be simple, preconfigured, stand up quickly kind of apps.  I almost always use the base maps, bookmarks, and share widget in my Web App Builder map.  Sometimes I like to use the measure tool, also.  They are just sort of standard in my apps so it would be neat to have some of the more commonly used widgets available in the Instant Apps.  Otherwise, I really do like the look of some of them and can't wait to delve into more of them as we build more for future users.  (I replied similarly in another person's question about widgets post.)

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