Introducing Atlas (Beta)

03-06-2023 05:22 PM
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Please see Introducing Atlas (Beta) blog post  for information updated for June 2023 release of ArcGIS Online

Use Atlas (Beta), a new Instant Apps template, to allow users to learn about and interact with maps and layers that are shared to a group. The Atlas app template empowers organizations to highlight a collection of curated maps and layers based on a point of interest, a geographic location, or a specific event.  Users can easily discover and explore the content, as well as share the maps they create. Tools to help users explore the map in Atlas include searching locations, switching between 2D and 3D views, measuring distance and area, and zooming to spatial bookmarks. 



Atlas includes options to open existing maps and add feature layers in the map view. Users can also change the underlying basemap.  





Layers that get added to the map view are listed in the Map layers panel where users can adjust layer transparency or turn on swipe for one layer to view what's underneath the layer or compare it to other layers. The Map layers panel includes options to view data as a table, when available, view the layer’s item description, and remove the layer from the map view.  




Users can switch to 3D view to see layers added to the map view overlaid on a 3D surface. Daylight and weather visualization tools are automatically included when in 3D view.  




Atlas allows users to mark locations on the map with the option to add a point, line, or polygon sketch using a limited set of color and symbol options in 2D view. Users can also measure distances and areas both in 2D and 3D views.  






Users can generate a URL to share what they see in the map view using the Share option. This opens a window with the option to add a title for the map.  






Limitations of the Beta version 

Atlas has been released as a Beta app with the following limitations: 

  • App will only show the first 100 items shared in a group 
  • Adding layers supports feature layer items only  
  • Sketch tools and bookmarks are only available in 2D map view 
  • Share via Copy link preserves map view location and added layers only 


Template Roadmap 

Planned enhancements for future versions of Atlas include: 

  • Support for additional layer types 
  • Planned enhancements to sketch and sharing capabilities 
  • Ability to save sketch layers and add bookmarks    
  • Planned improvements for data interaction capabilities in 3D view  
  • Option to sign in and save web maps to content 
  • Additional tools, including elevation profile and zoom to layer  
  • More app configuration options, including custom onboarding text and toolbar modifications 



We appreciate your feedback so we can continue improving Instant Apps templates. Share your feedback by commenting on this post or on the ArcGIS Instant Apps Ideas page. Explore the Atlas (beta) sample app in ArcGIS Online, or create your own app.