Three Insights Questions Related to Charting

09-19-2018 09:17 PM
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Hello! I am new to Insights, just getting into it.  Like it so far!!!  I have a few questions that I hope others have come across and can help out with!

1. I have a Line Graph displaying time series data, that varies between 712 and 716.  Oddly the y-axis goes from 0 to 716, and I cannot seem to change this. That range makes the line look like just a straight line.  The variance between 712 and 716 is important to the data, but cannot be seen on the line graph.  I see how to toggle beweteen log and linear y-axis ranges, but can I manually set the range?

2. I have a couple scenarios where I want to show two time series on one graph.  (1 is a Line & Line, another is a LIne & Columns).  It appears that to do this, the two variables MUST come from different tables. In each of these scenarios, the two data points i want to graph together are in the same table.  It doesn't seem to allow that?  Is there a way to make this work?  I'd hate to have to store duplicate tables just to get the graph I want?

3. On a line graph, is there any way to shade the portion of the chart below the line?



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Greg Coniglio‌, I have run into both of these issues too. Did either or both of them ever get resolved?

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Hi Greg,

Two features (No. 2 & 3) will be addressed in our imminent release (July 2020).  The first feature you mention is still as issue and we are not sure we can get it fixed in time for that release.  However, our timelines do not start at zero so if you can make your field date/time (using a calculation in the data table) then you will be able to see the difference in the values.

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