Superpose Diagram and Histogram in Card - Insights for ArcGIS

04-06-2017 01:49 AM
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I'm working on Insights for ArcGIS 1.2 and i use financial data on a city in France.

I want to create on the same Card, a graphic with an histogram respresenting Sum of spending by District / Diagramme representing Total Population by District. 

When i choose 3 attributes to respresent on a card, the only thing i can do is a Scatter Plot...

Please fin on attached file results i obtainted and what i want obtain (screen shot from LindaBale Demo).

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There is a step by step guide to creating a combochart here: Create charts—Insights web help Use tab | ArcGIS Enterprise  

A combochart is a column chart and line graph combination and can be created using data from two different datasets, however, they must have a string field common to both datasets which is placed on the x axis. This chart then allows you to visualize two numbers for the same string category. 

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Thanks Linda for Help!

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