Map Cards With Filters Breaking in Insights

03-01-2019 08:39 AM
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Good day!

I am working on a workbook in Insights for ArcGIS and have been running into an issue with a map that I created with a filter applied suddenly breaking. The workflow and issue is as follows:

  1.  I add a hosted feature layer (polygon, 40 features)  from my organization.
  2. I also added an .xlsx file from my local machine.
  3. I create a relationship between the two items. (All join)
  4. Using two fields from the newly created table, I create a map that shows sum of personnel assignment by zone.
  5. In layer options, I change the symbol type from Counts and Amounts (Size) to Counts and Amounts (Color). I leave the default Natural Breaks and 5 classes. I also change the color scheme.
  6. I then apply a filter using a field from the new joined table. The field is "SHIFT" with four options: "Select all", "Days", "Evenings", and "Midnights" I choose one. (Issue occurs for all)
  7. The map now successfully displays personnel assignment per zone on a given shift.
  8. I start to work on something else in the workbook OR I save it and exit.
  9. I return and suddenly there are no features on the map, just a small caution mark in the bottom left corner stating that "We couldn't display all features"
  10. Rage.

If I click the layer options button on the top right, the entire card breaks and gives me the "Something went Wrong." screen. If I reapply the filter, the card continues to work until it suddenly decides to not.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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I have the same issue. I have to go into my workbook and save again before I do a presentation on my project. It is very inconvenient.

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Hi!  I realize this is a bit late but what version of Insights are you using?  Just tried a similar scenario and do not experience this with the latest version.  Please advise.

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