Insights does not automatically divide date/time fields into parts that can be used as string fields in other visualizations

01-23-2018 08:27 PM
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I am working on date fields in Insight app. As I have read on the Esri help websites that Insights will automatically divide date/time fields into parts that can be used as string fields in other visualizations, such as Year, Month, Day of a week, or Hour. But my own date field was not working like that. If there are no subfields divided, it's hard to create the column/bar charts except time series charts. You can find the detail in the following screenshot:

I would like to create some charts as below:

Any solution to this problem?

Thank you very much, guys!

Thao Nguyen

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I have just found out that the subfields of date fields only appear if the data is added from an excel file, not added from an ArcGIS Server web services. Is this a limitation?

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I had the same issue but took the following actions

  1. Create a new field in insights table view
  2. Calculate equal to old field

New field was properly divided into parts by insights

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