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3D GIS and TV Broadcast Meteorology Graphics

04-13-2021 12:58 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I am a former TV Broadcast Meteorologist of 3 years, turned GIS Technician for the power-utility industry. Ever since I started GIS work and began brainstorming incorporating my passion in meteorology, I have had this idea: 

I want to see TV Broadcast Meteorology graphics software integrating 3D GIS imagery of landmarks (buildings, subdivisions, parks, etc) to help with localized severe weather coverage, especially for during tornado outbreaks and hurricane events.

Most broadcast software have county and local street-intersection views, but don't have detailed landmark information and 3D imagery for that localized of a view. Many TV viewers often cannot find themselves on a county map, but they'll know where the local Walmart SuperCenter is at the corner of a familiar intersection.

So this is the idea I have, but I have no idea how to implement it nor the skills I need to see this happen. What are your ideas to see this happen?