Preparing DJI Flight Records for Video Multiplexer tool

07-20-2020 01:48 PM
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I have a DJI Mavic Pro and Matrice 210 RTK drone. Even with the Video Multiplexer blog Video Multiplexer Tips and Tricks to format your metadata , I am struggling with matching the fields listed in the blog with the flight record data from DJI for video multiplexer tool input.

If anyone has successfully gone through this exercise, I would greatly appreciate information on field mapping between the two file formats.

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Hi Edward,

The Site Scan for ArcGIS is currently working on new functionality that will make this very easy. 

In the next release of the Site Scan Flight Planning App (including Site Scan LE - Limited Edition), you will be able to export geospatial metadata logs that will work directly with the video multiplexer. Our release is expected in 6-8 weeks.


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As I so wish that Site Scan for ArcGIS was available for Android devices, I have just added the request to develop an Android version to ArcGIS Ideas. So please do vote it up if it is something you too would like 

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What data is in the flight record? Can you attach your data?

Note that it's ok to fill the missing fields in with zeros if the field is missing. For instance, MISB expects the sensor relative angles to be relative to the platform, but I seem to recall DJI might give absolute angles for the sensor. In that case, it's fine to give whatever angles you're given in one column, and leave the angles all zero for the other columns.


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Hi Nick,

You'll find flight data converted to csv files using CsvView from both my Mavic Platinum Pro and Matrice 210 V2 RTK below. Please let me know when you've downloaded the files so I can change the sharing permissions. I appreciate you mentioning fields can be filled in with zeros; however, I'd like to provide as much data as possible when using the multiplexer tool to get the most out of FMV. I feel like it's all there in the flight data, it's just a matter of doing the correct field mapping.

RPAS_FlightData - Google Drive 

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Did you ever get a good answer on this, or try using zeros for fields you don't really know?  I'm trying to do the same thing with flight logs from AirData, matching them up to video files on a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro v2. Any advice or sharing what you have learned would be appreciated. The Fields I'm not so sure about are "Vertical Field of View, Sensor Relative Azimuth, Sensor Relative Elevation and Sensor Relative Roll"

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