ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst and ArcGIS Server / Image Server

01-12-2022 12:21 PM
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to understand how ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst extension and ArcGIS Server/Image Server relate. I don't think there is an Image Analyst extension for Server. Is the Image Analyst functionality already built into Image Server? Can Image Analyst processes be run on ArcGIS Server and/or Image Server?

Thank you

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by Esri Contributor
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Hello Josh,

ArcGIS Image Analyst for ArcGIS Pro is an extension for imagery management and analysis on a single desktop workstation.

ArcGIS Image Server is an extension of ArcGIS Enterprise for publishing and hosting web imagery (image services) and distributed server-side processing of image analysis.

  • One of the popular functions of Image Server is to publish mosaic datasets as image services. (GIS Server without the extension support publishing individual rasters that are not mosaicked).
  • Like you have said, the analysis part of Image Analyst Pro is built into ArcGIS Image Server. When ArcGIS Image Server is configured with ArcGIS Enterprise portal as raster analysis site, you can perform analysis on the web where the processing is done on server-side.

More details can be found here:

Hope this helps!

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