What does this mean when you try and download a shapefile - Error: OGR Failed ","code":500?

01-09-2018 05:23 AM
by Anonymous User
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When I try and download a boundary set - what is an OGR Failed Error mean?

This is the message I get if you open the download link in a new page - https://opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/07194e4507ae491488471c84b23a90f2_0.zip?outSR=%7B%22wkid%22%3A27... 

{"processingTime":"0 seconds","status":"Failed","error":{"message":"Error: OGR Failed ","code":500,"timestamp":"2018-01-09T13:19:18.679Z"}}
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I do too.  Sadly code: 500 is a generic server error that is given when a condition isn't met.  Perhaps providing the link prior to your download attempt might be useful

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Dan,

Another example of my site 

After resetting the download I inspected the download shapefile link for http://geoportal.statistics.gov.uk/datasets/686603e943f948acaa13fb5d2b0f1275_0 (2016 local authority full clipped boundaries) - this gave me the specific download link




It generates and finally errors -


{"processingTime":"0 seconds","status":"Failed","error":{"message":"Error: OGR Failed ","code":500,"timestamp":"2018-01-09T09:05:00.916Z"}}



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We had a subtle bug in our download system that was causing this error. It has been resolved so you should not see it anymore. I verified that the link you provided does not show this error anymore.

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