WFS in Open Data dissapeared

10-22-2020 05:24 AM
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We have an Open Data Site, where we both have ArcGIS Online hosted ArcGIS REST services and ArcGIS Online hosted WFS services (made from the REST service item in ArcGIS Online):

The layers are shared to the public and to our ArcGIS Open Data group.

Howerver, its only the ArcGIS REST services that are shown in the Open Data page - there is no WFS.. Notice the Content Type overview to the left, where WFS aren't present:

Going to the hub administration page, the WFS services are there:

And i can see from a guide we made previously, that it has been on the Open Data site earlier (june 2020)

So, why are WFS services not shown on my Open Data site anymore?

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Esri Contributor

WFS items are categorized as a Map and can be found under the Apps&Maps collection. I would check under this collection or the 'All' collection. You can also manually specify a filter like content type by adding on a query parameter to the URL. So try adding navigating to ```<your site URL>/search?type=wfs```. If the results still aren't found, I suggest removing the WFS from the Content Library (what you described as "admin"), republish the WFS, and then try re-adding them to your site.

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