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Unable to filter data on hub site.

07-30-2019 12:32 PM
New Contributor III

I am unable to reliably filter data from a domain or text field on my or other hub sites. For example, when filtering a coded value domain field the domain values appear, but when selected the result becomes 'Showing 0 of 0.' 

On closer examination the url of the hub data I am trying to filter on becomes -'...where=OWN_LEVEL%20%3D%20%27undefined%27'. The undefined is incorrect.

On data that is successfully filtered the 'undefined' value in the url contains the selected filter term. The url should read something like - '...where=OWN_LEVEL%20%3D%20%27California%27.'

Is this something I can fix or a bug? My current dataset is a hosted feature service and map service.

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