Tip: How to control search results on your Open Data site

03-09-2015 10:56 AM
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TL:DR If you want to link to a category of datasets from your homepage use a link like geodata.myfwc.com/datasets?keyword=Marine%20Ecosystems instead of geodata.myfwc.com/datasets?q=Marine%20Ecosystems

I've noticed that a lot of Open Data users are creating links to searches on their home pages to bring up categories of data. While this may work most of the time, it can also bring up some unexpected results.

For example: geodata.myfwc.com/datasets?q=Marine%20Ecosystems -> 92 results

This is going to bring up results for marine ecosystems first followed by other things are relevant to the terms marine or ecosystems.

This search: geodata.myfwc.com/datasets?keyword=Marine%20Ecosystems -> 5 results

This will limit search results to datasets that have the tag: Marine Ecosystems.

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