Did Search change in OpenData?

03-09-2015 10:31 AM
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The search tool in my OpenData site seems to have changed over the weekend to be a lot less specific.  Just for an example, I have 150ish layers being shared through my OpenData site.  I clicked on the "Marine Ecosystems" button on my home OpenData page (geodata.myfwc.com), which pulls up a canned query for "Marine Ecosystems."  The query returns 92 results with some datasets not having anything to do with Marine (e.g. Florida's Major River(Lines) dataset).

It appears that the query tool has been dumbed down a little and is searching for each term individually.  Meaning when I click on the "Marine Ecosystems" button, it is searching for the term "Marine" and then completing a second search for "Ecosystems" and combining the results.  What has happened to the search tool and how can I fix it?

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Hi Chris,

There were some changes to search, but you will see this specific change go away very shortly.

However, if you want to strictly control your searches then I recommend changing that canned URL you have to a keyword query. Instead of q=marine ecosystems -> keyword=marine ecosystems. This will bring up an exact search for everything tagged marine ecosystems.

Just curious, are you still seeing the most relevant search results come up on top and then seeing extra results below, or something different?


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Awesome Thanks Daniel.  I was unaware of the q= versus the keyword=.  very helpful.

to answer your questions, the search results seem to be returned jumbled together.  out of the 92 results to the query mentioned above, the Rivers were listed within the first 10 datasets.