Street network and boundary shapefiles question

10-18-2019 08:57 AM
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So I am trying to do this: GitHub - mittrees/Treepedia_Public: Treepedia package for public use 

Iam stuck at the first step that says that "With the street network and boundary shapefile for your city as input...". That should be understood as that you have 2 separate shapefiles, one in the line feature and one for the polygon feature. But, when I go to the python code, the input file is just a shapefile.

inshp = os.path.join(root,'CambridgeStreet_wgs84.shp')

So, I know this forum is for GIS, no Python, but my question is, what do you guys think that the developers are trying to say with the first part of the procedure? Is there a possibility to merge the to feature classes?


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