Some dataset in our open data site - are not downloading?

04-13-2018 08:14 AM
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Several datasets at our open data site – are not downloading – but not all  - some are very small some large?

The client receives this error ”Status: An error occurred. Download failed.”

I’m receiving this response both 500 & 502 messages (HTTP/1.1 502 Bad Gateway)  - in the response header
{"processingTime":"13.499166666666667 minutes",
"message":"Request for service information failed",
"request":" ",

The problematic services/data appear to work when hosted at AGOL – and that might be our temporary fix. 

Thank for any insight:

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For now - I'm to use http: vs https - It initially seems to have been successful with our problematic open data sets.  I rather use https but I will wait and see if we can diagnose anything further... 

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I was able to download these over the HTTPS version of the site. Services that do not support HTTPS will have issues if you try accessing them from an HTTPS site. 

I can't be sure that was the issue because I am a bit late to following up on this one. If you have other questions, please let us know!

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For the large datasets, we encounter similar issues.  The problem lie in that shapefiles have a 4GB limit on size and is the default format for non-host services.  Our contours came in at around 9 GB so we had to break the layer up into smaller subset feature classes.

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