Soft Value of GIS Data

10-30-2017 10:04 AM
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We are running Google Analytics against our Geocortex Essentials Web Maps. While we do not charge to access our data, they do get a lot of hits. Our Open Data Portal - GeoDat, 

Our data has detailed Parcel information and is linked to our assessor's database providing Stakeholders to see the County's information. We also have other value data available to the Stakeholders.

And while one User, such as a Realtor, may see the information as extremely valuable, on the other side, there maybe others such as the the casual view/user who's just surfing.

So the question arises, is there a default soft value of GIS Data/Information per "Hit"?  

Has anyone ever made this calculation and what did you use to base it on?

Thanks for your input.

Jeffrey Utter GISP

GIS Manager

Kern County, CA

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