Share Survey 123 form templates in ArcGIS HUB?

01-09-2020 06:07 AM
New Contributor II

I would like to share a few Survey 123 Form Templates with my Organization as zipped Surveys on our newest ArcGIS Hub Site (A zip file that includes the survey media folder, not just the xls.)   I do not want to share the survey form link in Hub, as the users will be modifying the survey template in Survey 123 Connect to fit their needs.

I managed to upload zipped Form templates to ArcGIS Online as an "iwork numbers" file, but why is there no plain zipped file option when you upload a document to AGOL?  It is confusing to our users when they search HUB to see the content type as a "iwork numbers" type.

Is there a better way to share a Survey 123 Template that a user could modify and reuse in Survey123 Connect?  I know there is an option to create a New Survey from "My Organization" in Survey 123 Connect, but the list is HUGE and unruly.  We want to use HUB to highlight the best of the best Survey Templates and want an easy way to share them.  Thanks! 

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