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07-28-2015 09:33 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to build a Geoportal for my organization in order to share with the public data and apps but also allow my organization to search for "organizational-only" data within that geoportal. ArcGIS Geoportal allows the administrator to have this implementation possible. However, talking with ESRI reps, I was understanding that ArcGIS Open Data does the same as Geoportal. Here is my question:

With ArcGIS Open Data, is it possible to make non-public data (private/only organization) shared, searchable, and view-able by my organization only? From what I have heard it is not possible, the data needs to be public facing (shared with everyone in ArcGIS online). I just would like someone well versed in Open Data to confirm if that is accurate.

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Hi Alex,

It is not possible with ArcGIS Open Data at this time. All data that you share will be 100% available to the public. You have the option to keep your site private but the ArcGIS items will still be public and viewable by anyone.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Daniel Fenton

Product Engineer | Open Data

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Hi Daniel,

I have the same question/demand like Alex. Is it in the meantime possible to share data on the open data site only within the own company?

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Hi Ron,

No, it is not possible at this time to restrict access to data on ArcGIS Open Data sites to a particular company or organization.


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Hello Courtney,

thank you for your Response.

That's a bummer! I really wish I could test my open data sites first, before the whole world wide web could see it. Is there another way to test the sites internally?

[Edit:] The ArcGIS FAQs on Frequently asked questions—ArcGIS Open Data | ArcGIS states: "If the site is private, only members of your organization who have Manage Open Data Sites privileges will be able to see it. While this does control the viewing of the site, all data will have to be shared with everyone and in an Open Data group." So sharing with a special group should be possible? But unfortunately is it not.

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Too bad,  this is something that I would like to do as well.  It would be great for distributing data to outside consultants doing work for us.

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As a workaround, you might consider configuring your ArcGIS Online Gallery to use a group to which you have shared your internally distributable content.