Security Warning with google search for Hub site

01-05-2021 12:24 PM
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We created a Hub site for a municipality to convey the value of its stormwater program.  The Hub site is geared to be a resource for City and community members to engage with.  We created a custom domain name to make it easier to search for and find the website.

When we test googling the site's name the link to the website is returned, however, we receive a warning from our antivirus software (webroot). An  orange symbol appears next to the website name with the caution,  "This site may contain content that could affect your online security".  

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?  We do not want to add any extra barriers to accessing the site.



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We don't have a subscription to Webroot. Would you be able to provide information on how Webroot classifies sites as "suspicious"? We might be able to help you identify what is causing the issue if we can understand the parameters. For what it's worth, a Chrome security scan of your site shows no issues. If you're not sure how webroot is determining these web shield symbols, you might also try the steps outlined in this forum post for asking them to review and reclassify your site:

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