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Search result page layout customization

03-01-2022 06:55 AM
New Contributor II


I'm building a HUB and 'm wondering if there is a way to customize the "Search result" page layout.

It seems to me that only the hyperlink text color can be changes according to main Theme settings and nothing more.

Is there a way to let the Search result page look like main hub pages?


Thanks in Advance


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Hi @Spike73
Thanks for your question. Currently the search page doesn't allow for any customization other than applying some site themes as you noted. However, for mid-late 2022 we're considering ways to update the UX and customize the search page. I encourage you to open an enhancement request with specific things you'd like to see.

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Dear @ThomasHervey1 ,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and good to know that something should be enhanced later in the year.

How can I open an enhancement request?  Is it on the GeoNet/Esri Community site?

Best Regards



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