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11-18-2019 12:56 PM
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The homelessness example site and several other hub sites have rectangle buttons as navigation to move between pages in your hub site. I don't see an easy way of recreating these buttons without delving into custom code (as oppose to using one of the layout tools and modifying some text). Am I missing something? I am very new to hub.

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The author of this template achieved this effect using an image of the arrow. If you want to re-create it (but want a different color arrow), you could take a copy of that image and change it using (on a mac) the preview app or (don't laugh at me) powerpoint if you don't have access to image editing software.

we're working on continually improving template content so the templates are more approachable. 

Here's the code for that one in case you missed it.


<h5 class="primary-color text-right">Learn More
<a href="" role="button">
<img style="height: 100px;" src="">

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