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Questions adding a Community Member

05-13-2022 10:37 AM
New Contributor III

I'm relatively new to HUB Premium, and I'm having an issue adding Community members.

It seems like a week ago it worked fine, but now when someone signs up through the Public Facing page they are not automatically added to the Followers Group. 

So are they only added automatically to the "Community Members Group", but other groups are manual?

Or how do they then become "Followers".

Also, is there a way for the administrator to receive an email notification that someone has Signed up on the home page?

And if I want to add certain new users to a completely different group, do they have to ACCEPT that invitation or can they just get added without being notified.


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Esri Contributor

Hi @MarthaRodgers - the community organization is its own ArcGIS Online organization which is associated with your existing Online organization. This has a lot of benefits, such as precise access controls and user management, but also comes with a few cons, such as being unable to set another organization's group as the default group for new members.

Since the "Followers" group for any Initiative is created in your existing ArcGIS Online organization, it cannot be set as a default group for new members in the community organization's "New Member Defaults". If a community user "signs up" by selecting to "Follow" an Initiative, then Hub will automatically add the user to the Initiative's followers group.

If your user as the "Assign members..." privilege, then invitations to community org users will not require them to "Accept" the invitation.

There is no ability to have an auto-notification delivered to an organization administrator when someone has signed up via a Hub site's home page. I would suggest logging an enhancement request.

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