Problem using the iframe in arcgis hub

02-22-2022 04:51 AM
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hi all,

i was trying to use the iframe to insert an external article or site to be viewed inside the hub

but each link i copy in the URL space refuse to connect even in the published version as i was told this would only appear in the published version and not the draft , i even tried to put a secondary URL in the mobile override

only one link was was able to connect and appear ( all other links related to esri or not related refused to connect

any ideas?

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Hi @HagarEldally ,

I'm facing the same issue.

Did you find a solution for it?

Best regards


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Hi @HagarEldally - many domains do not allow themselves to be embedded in other websites. A few examples of this are,,, etc.

It may be the case the domain you are trying to embed via the iFrame Card doesn't allow embedded across origins. If this is the case an error should appear in the browser's console.