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02-18-2020 12:56 PM
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Hi there,

We've had feedback through user testing, For the Open Data page in Hub, is it possible to look at enabling zoom tools through the mouse scroll wheel? The + and - button are okay but not intuitive to use. 

Or is there a better place to suggest these sorts of improvements than this forum? thanks!


New Plymouth District Council

New Zealand

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Esri Contributor

Hi Melissa Brooks‌ this is a great place for feedback, a few customers also use the ideas section to suggest enhancements.

We currently have scroll wheel zoom disabled for maps across Hub as many are embedded on scrollable pages.  We've observed many users unable to scroll past the map as they get stuck in a perpetual zoom in/out effect; however, this is mainly an issue for Hub sites + pages and not necessarily for the dataset page itself.

I can see about enabling this functionality for the dataset page in the near future.  We also have a consideration to resolve the issue for Hub sites/pages on the backlog.  

I'll check back here when we investigate the change for the Dataset Page.

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Thanks for the quick reply Brian, makes sense. Look forward to seeing the shape of the product in the future. Cheers

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