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07-16-2014 12:20 PM
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Here's what has happened:

I created a new open data group for our transportation datasets.  After creating the group, I added a feature service (streets) to the group and shared it publicly.  The dataset shows up and has all the correct attribution.

What I noticed that was odd was the related datasets that loaded at the bottom of the page.  All of the related datasets are from a group in Arkansas.  Now I have nothing against Arkansas, but this just seems really weird.

To make it even more weird, the urls that are generated from the related links use our path.

Here's a link to our streets dataset‌ and here's one from the related datasets

I made our site public for the time being so that someone can try and see if they get the same issue.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? 

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Esri Contributor

Thanks for letting us know about this Cameron! I can confirm what you are seeing.

The issue is that similar datasets are showing datasets from all open data. I presume that you would prefer this be limited to only datasets from your open data groups? Part of our design consideration was the ability to share and discover relevant open data from other organizations. However the user would stay within your site, while the source of the data is still attributed (e.g. to Arkansas).

However, even for that - we should perhaps also filter by geographic proximity.

Curious what you think.

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I definitely think that having a geographic proximity would be helpful, and even better if there was some kind of prioritization based on distance

In our particular case, if any of our neighboring cities participate in the program, it would be far easier for a user see and access their relevant data, than say the state data of Arkansas.