Open Data Portal retaining old fields that don't exist anymore

02-21-2018 02:06 PM
Occasional Contributor

A while back I stood up an open data portal for our organization and added basically the following two datasets:


I have been updating the boundaries by overwriting an existing feature service. Originally, the boundaries had a bunch of trash fields that weren't necessary for the public so we've since cleaned them up.

As a feature service in AGOL, everything looks fine - only the fields that currently are retained exist and all is good. BUT - if I view the same data in our Open Data Portal, it shows all the old fields! It even shows them in a table view. When I click on the link to the feature service itself it magically shows that it's correct.

This seems like a bug - is anyone else experiencing this? The fields and attributes don't exist anymore but for whatever reason Open Data Portal is retaining them! 

ADDITIONALLY (and probably should be another question) - the "count" statistic is counting the total amount of features instead of counting the unique values in a field. So when it should be returning 56 individual values (the number of parks), it's actually returning 112 (the number of features that make up the parks.) 

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