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Open Data Image Sizes

07-15-2015 10:59 AM
Regular Contributor II

We've begun the process of getting our Open Data page up and running (thanks to Chaya Balsiger​) and as part of this I'm using the experience to get back in my graphic designer side. So I'm putting together the icons for things like the Political, Education and Public Safety topic sections, and I've helped size some panorama images.

The problem is the recommended image sizes cause scroll bars to load up whenever the page is previewed! I'm not talking just A scroll bar but scroll bars on bottom and to the right of each image.

I have had to resize every single image DOWN from the recommended size TO roughly 2-5% smaller overall.

Is this just a glitch with the Open Data that everyone knows about or has every luckily only submitted images MUCH smaller than the recommended sizes?


Is there something we can do to avoid this issue going ahead?

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