No Allow Scrolling for application card not working

03-29-2021 12:46 PM
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In ArcGIS Hub I'm using the application card and inserting a web app.  Under Options I have set the Allow Scrolling to No but when publishing the hub site it is not working.  When a user scrolls through the website with their mouse wheel and the mouse pointer hovers over the app, the map zooms in/out.

Is this a known bug?


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Hello David,

Our Hub application card is based on an iframe embed, so the scrolling options we offer refer to the top-to-bottom vertical scrolling that one encounters when browsing web content and are a type of iframe setting. If you were to load another type of application in the card, such as a Story Map, you would see that it does not scroll. The behavior you are observing is related to the web map itself, which has different keyboard and mouse interactions than the typical web page as related to panning and zooming. You would likely need to configure the web map itself to disable mouse scrolling. 

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If you really want to turn it off, I found this page that explains how:

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