New (to me) Open Data Warnings

01-19-2016 11:22 AM
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In our "Data Manager" tab, we started experiencing a new warning:

Warning: messages.processors.service.group_layer_warning

Does anyone have any insight to this?

This seems to be happening on all of our datasets and refreshing does not seem to make any difference.  Also not sure how long this has been happening as I've neglected to check the page for a while.



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We are experiencing the same issue today. These warnings weren't here a few weeks ago when we last checked it. The only reason we noticed this is because our layers weren't showing up in search results on the global search page. I'm wondering if something widespread is going on. ArcGIS Online isn't reporting any issues, so maybe it's strictly an Open Data issue?


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I am new to Open Data and am seeing the same message.  I figured it was something I did wrong but maybe not.

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Bump, same problem

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We are experiencing the same issue. There are at least 13 layers that have this issue which is now not showing up in the Open data site.

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Hi Srijana,

Will you please provide a link to one of your services which is experiencing this error and not appearing on your open data site?

Thanks for your help.

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Also having the same problem. We just noticed ours today. Oddly enough, one of the layers that was having that message this morning seems to have resolved itself. The rest of my layers are still carrying the error message

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Yup, I noticed it yesterday on our Open Data site.  After some quick checks to see if the data seemed to be working, I filed it under "Esri has a temporary problem that they'll get around to noticing and sorting out" so I wouldn't be tempted to burn time on it.

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Hi everybody,

Thanks for writing and apologies for the erroneous warning on your datasets. We are working on fixing this issue.