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Metadata for multi-layer Map/Feature services

09-20-2022 05:01 AM
Esri Contributor


The Standard Metadata published as a multi-layer services are not available in a Hub's data catalog as I would expect. Instead the Item's Metadata are available in a data catalog as a metadata for individual layers which Hub dynamically populates from the multi-layer service.

Actually, there is a lot of places where the metadata is available after publishing a service:


.../rest/services/{servicename}/Feature(Map)Server/{layer_id}/metadata (this should be used)

.../sharing/rest/content/items/{item_id}/info/metadata/metadata.xml (this is used)

Having the service's layer metadata available in a Hub would be very useful, especially if consuming data from enterprise geodatabase, where the metadata is stored and managed. In this case, changes in a metadata inside an enterprise geodatabase are automatically available thru the REST API, without the need to re-publish the service, but are not available in a Hub.

Are there any plans for changing the metadata flow in ArcGIS Hub?



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Esri Contributor

Hi @MatejVrtich - we appreciate your detailed inquiry and it is something we've informally heard from time to time. Please repost your question as an "Idea" or submit a formal Enhancement ticket through Esri Support Services. Product Development teams can pull these types of inquiries directly into our backlogs while keeping interested users up-to-date on progress automatically.