Limitation for Number of ArcGIS Online Hub Sites/Clones for an Organization?

04-12-2019 10:29 AM
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Hi Esri, 

We were wondering if there is any limit to the number of ArcGIS Online Hub Sites an organization can have? We plan to clone our Hub sites for upgrades when new internal features are released and we would like to keep these versions in case we ever need to revert an upgrade. 

We're aware that these sites (and their pages) are stored as AGOL content and that in theory there should be no limit, but we just want ask to ensure we won't hit any unforeseeable limit that may be built in. Any information would be great. 

Thanks so much!

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No practical limit. Items use a very small amount of your storage. 

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Hi Amanda,

There is no limit. Go forth and clone ☺

What do you mean by an internal feature? Like a change to your site or page, or change made by Esri to the application itself? We may want to talk with you in the future about your needs for site versioning. It’s a request we’ve heard before and are interested in exploring in the future.

Daniel Fenton

Software Engineer | ArcGIS Hub

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Hi Graham Hudgins‌ and Daniel Fenton‌, 

Thanks so much for the prompt response, that's great to hear!

To address your question Daniel, currently our plan is to only clone our Hub site when any changes are made by our staff. That being said the additional ability to control changes from the Esri team would be great as well.

With both of our Hub sites being so high profile for our organization, it would be great to have the ability to reduce the risk of any upgrades breaking it, and have the safeguard of prior versions in place to revert to if needed. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions.