Index process not completing ArcGIS Hub Open Data Site

04-11-2019 06:08 PM
Occasional Contributor

I am experiencing an issue with the indexing process on the open data site. When attempting to refresh a dataset or an item the 'Processing started...' pop-up box appears but the processing does not ever seem to successfully complete and the box does not disappear (I have left it indexing for up to an hour for a single, small dataset on one occasion). I have not noticed any refresh occurring for the data in the site that I am attempting to index so am suspicious that the process is not working properly.

Additionally, I have been experiencing a few problems on our site that I think a refresh would solve (e.g. download stuck on 'gathering data' or newly updated data not appearing in the site). However the refresh/indexing process does not make any difference in regards to these problems.



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