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Items vs Datasets?

01-14-2016 12:38 PM
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I am attempting to add a few more feature layers to our open data portal. I have followed the same procedure as I have done before, except now, the feature layers are under "Items" in the ODP Data Manager page rather than under "Datasets" where things seem to work. These "Items" do not show up in our ODP. What is the difference between "Datasets" and "Items" and why do Items not show up in the ODP? How can I get them to show up.

My process is as follows:

Add new layer to MXD.

Overwrite Feature Service / publish to our ArcGIS Server.

Create Feature layer in AGO that points to the REST endpoint of the new layer.

Share new layer with ODP enabled group and Everyone.

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Are you adding the new layer to the bottom or the top of the existing map layers?

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Hi Matthew,

In the Open Data administrative app, "Items" refer to ArcGIS Online items. You are correct that not all of these appear as-is on Open Data, as some ArcGIS Online items are actually registered map services that contain many layers. These layers are the "datasets" that appear on ArcGIS Open Data.

In your case, since you have registered an individual feature layer as an item in ArcGIS Online, you should see the title appear in both the datasets and items tabs.

Does that answer your question? If you're still having issues some screenshots of your admin app and links to your Online items might help.


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Hi Matthew,

Did you ever solve this problem? I'm having the same issue. My account shows 8 items, but only 7 datasets. Here's a link to the missing dataset: 

My Open Data site isn't public yet, but all of my services are.



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Hi Andrea,

Yeah - It turned out to be an issue between our DNS provider and Amazon Web Services. 

The resolution I got from the network admin was 

"Resolution: Increasing TTL on ns1 and ns2 resolved the Amazon DNS issue"

ns1 and ns2 are DNS servers.


This is the ticket I submitted to our network admins for some more context:

--Original Details of Ticket--

Summary: DNS issue

Details: I have been working with our GIS vendor, Esri, to resolve an issue where one of their products could not always resolve (our GIS server). Their service is hosted in the Amazon cloud. They discovered that is blocking the name query from Amazon Web Services.  Could someone check on this please and correct any issues blocking Amazon Cloud.

This is the particular message from Esri Support "I pulled in some additional resources to check on this issue, as it seems out of the ordinary. After a few further tests, we are seeing that the DNS server at is blocking the name query from AWS. This would be an issue that would need to be addressed by the manager of the DNS server at I hope that these details help and apologize for any confusion as we continue to troubleshoot."


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