Issues with the Opendata Site Category Tag Query

10-23-2017 11:40 AM
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On the Opendata site configuration I want to set up a category from layout builder to allow the user to click on an icon and discover my data. I placed "Site" as a query word (Opendata_Settings) and placed "Site" as a keyword with a AGO web map (AGO_map_settings) and with a hosted tile layer (Slope_20K_Settings). These two files are also shared with the MesoAmerican Research Center, the open data group for the site. When I run the query only the map appears.

Is there anyway to fix this issue?

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-Thomas Crimmel

open data beta‌ query failed #arcgisonline

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Hi Thomas,

I see you have shared the Slope Layer and WebMap with 'Open Data Collaboration Group' which is not required. You should only hared the content that you want to be in your open data site Publicly (Everyone) and with open Data designated group (MesoAmerican Research Center, I guess).

To troubleshoot issue, try refreshing indexes from Data tab of Open Data Admin site. If that doesn't work, try adding the tag/s again to the Item in question by editing them from Item details page.

I would suggest to log a support ticket if above doesn't work.


Hemant A

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