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Issues with ArcGIS Hub

01-22-2020 07:50 AM
MVP Regular Contributor

Hey ArcGIS Hub‌ Team, 

Just a heads up currently there are a few issues with the tools in ArcGIS Hub:

Background images for Banners do not work- 

Image Transparency on background images isn't working- 

Hamburger Menu on mobile does nothing- 

I opened an Esri support case about these issues but I'm only allowed to troubleshoot one of these issues per case so I've turned to here to alert you. 



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Esri Contributor

Hi Amanda Huber‌ thanks for tagging us.  We have a fix coming out for the missing side panel shortly.

For row background images, if the background is set to transparent the image transparency doesn't affect the image.  I can see how that is confusing and we can update that experience to make it more clear.

I'll get a bug in to address the banner card background image issue.  Thanks again!