Hub telemetry and metrics dashboard counting own visits?

05-05-2020 09:08 PM
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Our client that we built a Hub site for wants to understand how the telemetry works better.

We added their own Google Analytics ID to their Hub Site. The numbers shown in the Hub telemetry do not seem to totally line up with whatever they are seeing in GA. So the first question is - does Hub's own telemetry count visits from their organization or not?

My guess is that it counts people who are from their organization if the person is not logged into ArcGIS.

If that were the case, has the Hub team considered the ability to filter out certain IP ranges for example?

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Hi Nick,

Just to confirm, where are they viewing "Hub Telemetry"?



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Just from the Hub's own "dashboard" view of visitors... 

The site is "Permian Methane Analysis Project" if you need to look at it from your side.

But I think the question about metrics boils down more to how you deal, if at all, with filtering out certain site visits? Do the site's own developers (us) run up the visit tally?

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As of now, the dashboard in Hub and Google Analytics keys are using Google's code which does not filter out anyone (unless the client is using some specific browser extension or hostname blocker to stop the analytics from running) 

You may see a delay in the dashboards between when you visit and when you show up in the reports. This delay is how google structures their analytics--the realtime data feeds get aggregated into the analytics reports once a day.

You're the first person I've heard requesting IP filtering...I believe you can do this in google analytics itself but not currently in the Hub dashboard.

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