Adding service editor properties for the CreateMapSDDraft tool

05-09-2020 02:22 PM
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I am running ArcDesktop 10.6.1 and I was looking to use the arcpy.mapping.CreateMapSDDraft tool to create a service definition draft and then ultimately a service definition file via the StageService_server tool.  I was able to do that as well as publish the service using the UploadServiceDefinition_server tool.  I found, however, that it only published a map service.  I need to have both a map and feature service published as well as with certain pooling properties.  I did not see anything in the tool's parameters that seemed to let me state that.  When I create a service definition file via ArcMap, I am able to get the Service Editor dialog where I can select all of my properties.  My question is if there is a way to select service properties for use by the CreateMapSDDraft tool.  It doesn't do a lot of good for me if I can't create a feature service via the script tools.


Thanks - Peter

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