Hub not respecting visualization settings on view layers

12-15-2021 10:59 AM
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My work is currently testing out multiple ways of sharing data to users with less than ideal connectivity and one of them is to share View layers depicting a small subset of our larger datasets that they would  access via hub.  

The issue I'm running into is a bit of confusion about how to properly execute this.  When I share a view layer to the hub, it only partially respects the settings of the view. 

For example, I have the visualization settings on the view layer screen capped below set for a very small subset of data.  When you look at the views "Data" page in AGOL it shows the correct number of records (4) for the settings. When you access it through hub, however, it displays the full set of records on the map, while stating in text in the left info bar there are only 4 records in the dataset.

Confusingly, when you click to view the table of four records, it displays the full dataset and downloading the data will provide you with the full, unqueried dataset. 

How can I alter the settings so that Hub respects the view and only allows access to the desired subset of data?

Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide



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@Sean_Woodward thanks for raising this issue to our attention. I've logged a bug to investigate, I'd also recommend opening a support issue if your'd like to follow resolution status.

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