How does one have a tag query look for Items on default?

11-01-2017 01:12 PM
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I have been working with making Items discoverable with a keyword query (Category) on an ArcGIS open data site ( ) and have run into issues with configuring the query to discover tagged content in items. 

Currently, the user will visit the open data site (Click_Site) and click site to go to the query. The user will be presented with the view set to Open Data and only be able to discover tagged data sets (default_query). I want the user to be able to see the content in Items by default without them needing to click Items under Views (desired_query).

I thought one possible way would be to somehow move the Items (items) into Data sets (datasets) by hiding their formatting. Another possible solution might be to change the qualities of the Category tool to query items instead of data sets, but I don't know where to configure those options.

Thank You for your help,

-Thomas Crimmel

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