How do you create a new supporting team with edit access?

11-24-2020 08:11 AM
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I would like to set up a supporting team called 'Data Mangers' that has edit and update capabilities for only some of the content in our hub site. This is so that some trusted project partners can help me with QA/QC of the data, and keep maps and apps up to date. However, I don't want them to be able to edit and update the rest of the hub site and therefore I don't want to add them to the 'Core Team'.

I understood that one of the benefits of hub premium was the ability to create teams of community users with different levels of access and edit privileges. However, when I create a new supporting team it automatically sets it as a group with no shared update capabilities.

How do we create supporting teams with edit access to a sub-set of the site content?

Anneka France
Technical Manager at The Rivers Trust
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