How do I download imagery from an WMTS or WCS service?

01-16-2020 05:03 PM
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I'm trying to download some imagery files from a WMTS service or even WCS service and I have not had any luck, I can display the layer just fine in ARCMAP 10.7.1 but I've not gotten any of the included raster or imagery tools to work downloading the imagery at all.  I just need the imagery from a certain extent which I've got displayed ok. Here is the location of the images.  



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If you just need the imagery at a specific extent and scale:

display only the imagery in data view, set the view area appropriately, and choose FILE >> EXPORT MAP >> select png or another image format, and in the following dialog box, select WRITE WORLD FILE. This will create a georeferenced snapshot of the imagery.

If you need to zoom in and out and maintain image quality, I am afraid I can not help you other than to say to find another source.



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would like to find out if there has been any update on this question. We have been trying to save imagery from WMTS service in ArcGIS Pro. So far, we used 'Export map' to do this. However snapshots do not always maintain the original quality of the service. Are there any other way to do that? 


Thank you!

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