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Horizontal line <hr> won't display in Hub site

09-09-2019 04:02 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I wrote code to create a horizontal line, using the <hr> tag, among some text on my Hub site.  The line showed up fine while I was in configuration mode, but as soon as I exited configuration/editing mode for that row, the line no longer showed up.  It disappeared.  But when I clicked the gear icon to get back into configuration mode, the line displayed once again, and my code was still there.

What is going on?  How can I get the line to stay visible after I exit configuration mode?

Here is my code for the line:

<hr style="border: 3px solid #e97c59; width: 70%;">

Thank you!

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Interesting bug! I see the resulting `<hr>` on my test site (in runtime)...but, as you say, when I close the text card in edit it doesn't show up. We'll log it and see what's happening there.

Thanks for telling us

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That's interesting that I found a bug!  Glad to be of help... Thanks for logging the bug.  I'd be interested to hear if it gets fixed.



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