Groups when adding or inviting new members (Hub Premium)

05-19-2021 07:14 AM
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When adding new community members, the groups available to add people to are only those that exist in our community account. Is there a way to enable this group list to also display the groups from our organisational account? Case in point, if a user follows one of our initiatives, they are added automatically to the initiative Followers group. However, if I add a new member, I cannot add them to the Followers group at the point I am setting up their account. Instead this has to be done at a separate point in ArcGIS Online.

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@Anonymous User @KlaraSchmitt we are still experiencing these issues, and seems to be a major flaw in managing community users in ArcGIS Hub. Do you have any suggestions? The majority of the groups we want to add community users to are Supporting Teams for Hub Initiatives. The separation between the invite process and adding users to Supporting Teams, means that users may sign in with their accounts before we have had a chance to add them to the Supporting Team(s), and wonder why they can't access anything.

As a more detailed example:

1. I log in to my community organisation as a community admin, and invite new users to the community to set up their accounts (usually using the 2nd option, whereby they have to set up their password via a link). During the invite process, I can only add them to a very small selection of groups.

2. To add the users to the Supporting Teams/Groups I want to I have to either:

  • Go to that initiative, Sign In with the organisational account, put it in edit mode, select Teams from the dropdown (see documentation), sign in as the community admin to get the community member list, add the user by searching their name one by one to find the ones I've just added as new community users from the wider list, draft the invite message
  • access the group in ArcGIS Online and type in their name exactly (if logged in with organisational account)
  • access the group in ArcGIS Online and search for the new users to add (if logged in with community admin account)

Improvements we would like to see:

  • First and foremost, the ability to add users to the Supporting Teams during the invite process. 
  • Supporting Teams to show up when adding community users to groups via Organization -> Members -> Select members from list to be added to Group(s) -> More -> Assign Groups
  • If adding via the methods described, the ability to filter the users by date added. That way, we can at least quickly find the batch of users we just added, rather than searching by name.

It is worth noting that in all scenarios above, both my community admin and organisational (admin) accounts are group owners or group managers for all the Groups / Supporting Teams in question.

Is there something obvious I am missing in terms of making Groups available in the Invite process or via the Assign Groups option mentioned above? Do I need to make my community admin account a group manager for the relevant initiative core teams for this to work?