Embed StoryMap in Hub Page to show menu navigation?

11-02-2021 02:27 PM
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Hey there.  We've got a hub page, which among other things links to six StoryMaps.  Ideally I'm hoping there's a way to have the navigation across the top of the hub site persist across the top of each of the linked StoryMaps, so all the content would feel like it was tied together as an overall site. 

I'm thinking maybe there's a way to do a full-screen embed of the StoryMap in an otherwise empty hub page to achieve this.  Or perhaps some other approach?  Just embedding the StoryMap in the typical way is not what I'm after, as that would leave blank space around the edges of the StoryMap, and it would scroll separately from the overall page, which results in a poor user interface.  I want the whole page to be the StoryMap, just with the menu bar at top. 

Is this sort of thing possible, or can anyone point me to examples of how that has been done?


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Hello @Bob_Spaulding 

You would create a new page in your hub site and then create a link in menu header to the page.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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