Does anyone know any website or resources I can find the most aerial images (2019 to now)?

07-14-2020 10:13 AM
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I am trying to find an open-source where I can find a shapefile or aerial images in Grayson, CA from 2019 to current date. Can anyone help out with this?

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Probably not going to find a single site that would cover the whole world.

I know  in my area our government has a WMS for air  photos dating back to the 1980s that you can access.

Where are you looking for?

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Grayson, California area. Here are the coordinates: (37.580881, -121.164541) 

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 Hi Lambert Ngenzi,

Is this the Grayson you are looking for:

Grayson, California | OpenStreetMap  ?

This World Imagery tile layer from Esri offers fairly recent (and fairly high res) coverage of most of the world, including Grayson, California.

The settlement doesn't look too big to me, so if you really need imagery for the current date, flying over it with a drone would be the fastest solution, I would guess.

Did you contact the local authorities already?



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