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Custom downloads in ArcGIS Open Data

02-15-2018 08:52 AM
New Contributor


I am trying to setup an Open Data site with a number of different datasets. However, I want to provide them in non-standard formats (GeoPackage, JSON etc) and so after much testing it looks like I have two choices:

1) Create a dataset using a standard format (eg shapefile) and then modify the Metadata record and add an additional distribution format under 'Download'

2) Upload the custom formats as a Document using a URL and storing the file somewhere else

However this is causing some problems because each of these have problems

1) If I use the standard format I get the extra downloads of KML, CSV and Shapefile and API options which I do not want. Is there a way to disable these?

2) If I use the Document link when you click on the dataset it immediately starts to download rather than giving the end user the chance to read the dataset description and details and then downloading from a Download dropdown like what is avaliable in scenario 1. Is there a way to disable the automatic open?

Is there an alternative that I could use?

Many thanks fr any help or ideas


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