ArcGIS Open Data Portal for Big Catalogs

06-08-2017 02:34 PM
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Can anyone point out to an organization or website that uses a public facing ArcGIS powered Open Data Portal with hundreds, perhaps thousands of datasets or Big Data published and available (not counting itself)? 


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Hi Dean, 

NPS has over 1,100 datasets: 

Washington, DC has over 900: 

Parcels are probably the largest data that people publish on ArcGIS Open Data. LA's parcel dataset tops out at 2.4 million features. 

Then of course there is which has all 68k+ datasets shared as open data within the ArcGIS platform. 


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Hi Courtney, 

I was looking for examples of a more curated space for an organization to present its authoritative data without irrelevant search results that often shows up in just NPS and DC sites are very impressive. 

Thank you!


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The State of Hawaii has a little over 200 data layers in our ArcGIS Open Data Portal:

Joan Delos Santos

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