Can Hub items appear in a search of a "parent" website?

05-27-2020 08:44 AM
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Can Hub items appear in a search of a larger/parent website? 

This is the situation: I work for a county government. We use Hub/Open Data for our Open Data site. The county is doing a (much-needed) overhaul of the overall county website. Because items in Hub will not appear in the search of the county web site, IT now wants to completely get rid of our Hub and remake it on their own site. This seems like a huge waste of effort/resources to me. However, I understand the criticism of using Hub. Basically it is this scenario: if a citizen comes to the county and searches the county website for crime data, or parcel information, etc. they will only get hits for the county's website, not from the Hub. They would have to know that they need to access the Open Data/Hub site and THEN search for it there. I'm not a web developer, so I guess my question is- if I have shared data (say a layer called "crime data") is there a way for that to be appear in the search of our county website? I hate seeing all the work our GIS team put into overhauling Open Data last year get completely dismantled. Thanks for any insight you all might have!

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A quick solution without having to write code is to host a page about your open data page in your county website CMS. The page just links users to the hub site which can use the same header links as the county website. Many governments integrate this way.

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There is not yet a way to embed or search for Hub items in another site like your county website. We're working on improving the external visibility of Hub items by first improving Hub SEO. However, as Graham suggested, many governments add a page that externally link to Hub sites. For inspiration, the State of Michigan has a Data Store page (SOM - Michigan Data Store) that includes a link to their Hub site ("Michigan GIS Open Data Portal).