Building data/shapefiles - Italy?

02-20-2016 07:08 AM
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I have been searching for a building data layer for the Naples region of Italy (Campania). I am studying volcanic risk from a volcano called Campi Flegrei and have to see how this volcano could affect the resident population. I have been trawling through Italian sites for days and cannot seem to find the information as shapefiles.

Some previous research has used 133 regional level Campania Region, scale 1:5.000 digitised from pdf, however, their data is not freely available. I could try and digitilise from these pdfs, however, I think this would take months and not be accurate. Any one know of sites or open access databases that people would recommend?

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Hi Danielle, I am not aware of free shapefiles but data services from INGV (National Institute Of Geophysics and Volcanology) or  SGI (Italian Geological Service) are quite valuable.

For example: Campi Flegrei - stato attuale

Or this ArcGIS folder: Folder: /

You can also search for INGV in ArcGIS online and get many results.



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